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John Clauson

Episode 42:

Jan. 31, 2023

John Clauson

Telling my story to Melissa and her audience was another step out of the fog for me. It was an intimate yet broadening experience. Melissa is kind, gentle and insightful. She knows when to just listen and when to ask the right questions. I deeply appreciate the opportunity of being interviewed by Melissa.

Episode 48:

March 7, 2023

Lorah Gerald

I enjoyed speaking with Melissa on Mind Your Own Karma. The full moon episodes are really entertaining. I love how this podcast can go from talking about the paranormal to adoption. Adoptees often have experiences beyond what can be explained. It’s very entertaining and educational. Get ready for a fun ride.

Lorah Gerald

Episode 29:

Nov. 15, 2022

Danielle Gaudette


(Author of Healing Tree)

Melissa is a great interviewer. I love her sincere desire to support adoptees, to explore the deeper side of the journey, and to focus on the direction of healing. 

Episodes 40 & 41:
Jan. 17 & 24, 2023

Cathryn Vogeley
Birth Mother
 (Author of I Need To Tell You)

As a guest on Melissa's podcast, I was immediately made comfortable by her calm demeanor and her lovely voice. Talking to Melissa was like chatting with a good friend.  I never felt challenged or put on the spot by anything she said. I'm grateful for the chance to be a part of her podcast project and hope that our discussion is helpful to others who, like me, are trying to learn and heal.  

Cathryn Vogeley

Episode 85:

Oct 20, 2023

Gigi Sturgis

I had such an amazing experience on the Mind your own Karma podcast. It was a privilege to share my deeply personal adoption story. I immediately felt comfortable with the host, Melissa who I created an instant connection with. She brought an extra layer of empathy and exchange because I felt she understood where I was coming from. This is an exceptional platform that not only provides a platform for sharing your story but also fosters a sense of connection healing, and understanding. 

Episode 92:
Dec 5, 2023

 Barbara and Vicky
Birth Mother and Adoptee

Barbara: It was an honor to be interviewed by Melissa. She’s so experienced, and I felt comfortable revealing my deepest thoughts.

Vicky: I agree! She listens deeply. I connected to her as a fellow adoptee of course, but also loved her insights into other perspectives - over 100 interviews! Wow. 

Barbara: I hope our discussion inspires more mothers to join. They need to be part of this conversation. For example, her interviews with other adoptees helped me to better understand you. 

Vicky: It was the same for me. I loved the one with two mothers and an adoptee (Season 2 Episode 45). I look forward to more collaborations! Hearing other mothers is less painful, because I am not the baby!

Barbara: Sharing our sacred stories brings healing. Adoptees, encourage your mothers to contact Melissa. Their voices will enrich our understanding of this complex issue.

Birth Mother and Adoptee Reunion


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