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mind your own karma
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 - The Podcast -

PLUS recovery and healing resources for every person in the adoption constellation.


Melissa Brunetti

Adoptee Podcaster
and Somatic Mindful
Guided Imagery Practitioner

Adoption. The word adoption can have many meanings, but to many adoptees, it can mean trauma, confusion, anxiety, anger, grief, the primal wound...and the list goes on.

YES! Adoption trauma is REAL. 

This podcast's mission is to educate the world on what adoption really looks like by telling our adoption stories. The good, the bad and the ugly.


Every adoption journey is different, and by telling our experiences it gives the story teller a sense of freedom and healing and gives other adoptees permission

to do the same.


This podcast also gives other perspectives from the adoption constellation because birth parents and adoptive parents have their own struggles and trauma as well and by hearing their stories we can begin to see how adoption even becomes an option in the first place. 

How can we make the positive changes we want to see with adoption if we aren't hearing the entire story? And that story involves the birth parents and adoptive parents as well. 

Why is it so important that we talk about our adoption stories?


Because so many adoptees feel alone. They feel like they have no one that understands their pain. With the Mind Your Own Karma-The Adoption Chronicles family, you will feel heard and find a sense that there are so many adoptees just like you!


You will find ways to cope with your grief and emotions. You will feel encouraged to be your authentic self and live a life that you love in spite of your primal wound and adoption experience. You are not alone.

It's time to educate the world about adoption.

~ Melissa Brunetti

It's not a coincidence you are here and I'm so glad you are. Navigating the adoption journey can be tedious and lonely. I truly hope this podcast has resonated with you, and has made you feel a sense of community. 

If you would like to be a guest, want to know more about the newly emerging somatic therapy-Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery, or just have a question or comment, please fill in the spaces below and your email will come to me personally.

                                                          Thanks for listening!

                     Melissa Brunetti-Host of Mind Your Own Karma-The Adoption Chronicles

Hi There!

Thank you so much!

“Melissa is a great interviewer. I love her sincere desire to support adoptees, to explore the deeper side of the journey, and to focus in the direction of healing.”
- healing.tree


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Siren Tales Studios
Siren Tales Studios
Melissa Brunetti, host of Mind Your Own Karma
Siren Tales Studios
Siren Tales Studios


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