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The Karma Files

New  Episode Released Every Full Moon

True Stories
of the Paranormal
and Unexplained

You might be asking yourself why there are paranormal episodes on my podcast. If I'm being honest, it's a part of myself I used to pretend didn't exist. You see, I have been sensitive to spirits my entire life, and when I met my birth family, I discovered both sides of my biological roots were sensitives as well.


Growing up, I felt like I was the only one seeing and hearing spirits. As adoptees, we miss out on any biological mirroring that we would have experienced had we stayed in our biological families. We wonder why we look a certain way, why we have certain tendencies and mannerisms, why we are athletic, poetic or love music. Many of these answers are in our genetic make up that is hidden from us, unless we are reunited with our original families as I was.

If you have a true paranormal or unexplained story you would like to share on the podcast, please click below to send it via email, and it will considered for the show.

I want to welcome you to my nightmares.
I think you're going to like it here.


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